Text of "Neverminded".

Part 1."Dr.Faust"
-Here I am, but what suprises you? I'm not dreadful at all.
I have a sward, and a feather in my hat,
I have a lot of money, and a beautiful cloak-
So welltailored I am!
Open your inside, I might have what you desire
Or do you fear me too much?
No, why should I?
-If you only knew what kind of power I have...
I know it well.
-Do you wanna test me?
If you are real can you please give my youth back to me?
Waken my soal, bring my fellengs to life instantly
-Great! I'm ready and willing to fulfill this duty of mine
But you must want something in return?
-Oh a trifle! Do not let that worry you,
Just sign this agreement for our eternal frienship...
(Hey,make up your mind)
(Don't hesitate)
(Hey,make up your mind)
(I won't wait)
Oh, happy youth, do come back and set my heart afire
Oh, sweetest luck, give me life full of sorrow and joy
And I'll live it belonging forever to you
Take me away to the fever of night
Over the clouds on the wings of your pride, oh my youth
Part 2."Neverminded"
Something's approaching I can't really understand
There is no sun, through the muddle I see my aim get shape
No fear, I feel the light inside
Neverminded, neverminded
I'll fight no more, I'm so tired, I can hardly move
Shadows embrace me to drink from my open wounds
No fear, I hear a clear voice
Everlasting, never fading
I won't give in and let them take my mind
Though now I seem to have lost my fortune line
Walking so long with bleeding feet in chains
Down the road, endless road
Can you fancy your whole life
as if were just playing toys?
Close your eyes 'cause I know
how you love to be led by the voice
Beautiful voice
Wonderful voice
Mysterious voice
Frightening voice...



Anton Lynxx Tynnikov - voices

D.A.Lukianenko(Aviva) - keyboards

Andy Pruden - guitars

Andrey Arkhipoff - drums

Dmitry Kalinin - bass


Masquerage was created on the backbone of a locally known band named Junta featuring new voice and keyboards. We play progressive symphonic metal influenced by classical music and art-rock. We are now working on the first album. The conception of the project was inspired by the plot of Goethes Faust. All through the album dialogues between Faust and Mephistopheles are heard and parallels with Walpurgisnight by Charles Gounod penetrate into the musical texture. We orient ourselves towards rich, flamboyand sound and the complicity of melodic and musical forms. By now we can present a twelve-minute composition in two parts-Neverminded: Dr.Faust Neverminded (music by Masquerage, lirics by D.Lukian and Anton Lynxx Tynnikov.) Introduced by a small overture (which, unfortunately, hasnt been recorded yet), this opening composition describes the conclusion of the treaty between Faust and Mephistopheles and contains as well some meditation of the protagonist who is parallel to Faust. Further work is planned to be based upon the interference of the initial Faust theme and other concepts, remote from the main. We now have a vast amount of stuff which is only waiting to be recorded. Masquerage is open to any suggestions of cooperation, so, in case you get interested in our music, please contact:




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